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Morgan Evans-Weiler with Laura Cetilia and James Falzone // Unknown Results Performance Series

Morgan Evans-Weiler
Laura Cetilia
James Falzone

Ordinary Affects will perform two works by Morgan Evans-Weiler - a new version of his project 'Endless Overtones in Relational Space' for cello and sine tones and a trio for violin, vibraphone and cello 'General Motions in Relation'. 

Cellist and electronic musician Laura Cetilia is a performer, composer, educator, and presenter. A daughter of mixed heritage, she is at home with in-betweeness. As a composer, her music has been described as “unorthodox loveliness” by the Boston Globe and and her debut solo album was hailed as “alternately penetrating and atmospheric” in Sequenza 21. The Grove Dictionary of American Music describes her electroacoustic duo Mem1 as a “complex cybernetic entity” that “understands its music as a feedback loop between the past and present.” Mem1 has held artist residencies and toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe. In her viola/cello duo, Suna No Onna, she has worked closely with and premiered works by composers André Cormier, Jürg Frey and Antoine Beuger, among others. As a product of the now-dwindling public school music program, Laura believes in the right to accessible music education and is a Resident Musician at Community MusicWorks, a non-profit organization that provides free after-school music education programs for children in urban neighborhoods of Providence, RI. There she teaches cello, is co-director of the media lab and the curator of the Ars Subtilior experimental music series. She is also a proud mother of one.

J. P. A. Falzone is a composer and musician whose work is influenced by the conceptual turn taken in systems music. In 2014, he founded The Providence Research Ensemble and is also a member of Ordinary Affects, a Boston based new music collective. His work has also been performed by the S. E. M. Ensemble, the Ostravská Banda, and the Ostrava New Orchestra. This past Fall, Falzone began his graduate studies in music composition at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.

Morgan Evans-Weiler is a Boston based artist, composer, performer, curator, and educator whose work ranges from composition and sound installation to drawing and design. He is the founder of the New England based ensemble Ordinary Affects and he runs the lecture/concert series Standing Waves in Cambridge, MA. Evans-Weiler has toured both nationally and internationally, and his visual work has been displayed in galleries throughout the United States. He has been commissioned by the SD Soundings Festival, and his music has been released on the Suppedaneum, Another Timbre, Rhizome(S) and Weighter Recordings labels with forthcoming releases on ErstAEU.