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Brendan Murray & Marcel Zaes // Unknown Results Concert Series

Brendan Murray

Brendan Murray is a composer of electronic music for film, performance and live presentation. Active since the late 1990's, his music develops slowly, often with an emphasis on repetition and drone. He has performed solo concerts across the United States and Canada, assembled sound track work for multiple films and performances and collaborated with like-minded musicians and visual artists throughout his career.


Marcel Zaes

PULSATIONS / Duration: 40min

The record MARCEL ZAES — PULSATIONS has been published by DUMPF EDITION in September 2018 and is available on

Sustained digital sine tones are deployed as the sole sound material. These entirely digital tones are passed through a set of “trash speakers” which act as an instrument as they enliven the digital sounds with analog distortion, noise and dirt. The enriched sounds are picked up by some contact microphones and sent back to the computer as a stream of sound. There, Zaes deploys a self-programmed algorithm based on Brian House’s, which then cuts up the continuous stream of sound into tiny fragments and bits. Over the course of PULSATIONS, this algorithm is gradually changing: from regular, pulse-like “order,” the individual voices of those rhythmic cuts will shift toward the idea of a “swarm” with random hits every now and then, and thereby become less predictable. Zaes’ algorithm is based on a single looped rhythm pattern which in each iteration is slightly altered until it has fully disappeared in the “disorder.”