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Vanitas/&&$$$ /Robert HayesKee

Doors at 7:30pm. Music begins at 8:15pm.

$12 general admission

~ &&$$$
Jonathan Starks & Lily Honigberg make up the duo &&$$$. Their musical soundscapes are a mixture of fiddle tunes and supersaws thrown into a vitamix.

Vanitas is a duo comprised of Steven Long (harmonium, synths, found objects) and Brittany Karlson (bass, voice, rebec). The duo takes its name from a line from the book of Ecclesiastes: vanitas vanitatum omina vanitas (vanity of vanities, all is vanity). Our performances create real and imagined acoustic spaces which are interrupted by aspects of everyday life such as cellphone interference, digital refuse, and prerecorded material. We seek to hold up a musical mirror for contemplation.

~Robert Hayes Kee
Robert Hayes Kee lives in Atlanta, GA where he works as an artist, curator and programmer.
His music incorporates electronics, field recordings, computer processing and occasional instrumentation into structured and improvised pieces, utilizing the functions and limitations of devices like home stereo equipment, oscillators, and tape. Pieces often deal with sound as physical matter, daily life as a structuring device, and the relationship between repetition and randomness. He sometimes plays as Nows, sometimes with collaborators.
For ten years, Robert worked at the Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery as a curator and event organizer. He worked with both the art and music programming committees, helping to present hundreds of events as a curator, technician, and installer.

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